Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) offers a fast, rapid, thorough and comfortable experience. Originally created for adult survivors of childhood abuse, the therapy offers lasting change for all manner of issues and problems whether resulting from sexual, physical or emotional abuse, or simply bad parenting.

Penny Parks created the approach as a result of resolving her own experiences of abuse. The therapy has been constantly updated and is a fast, imagery-based process. There is no requirement or expectation to discuss past experiences though it is perfectly acceptable if you wish.


  • FREE 40-minute consultation
  • PICT 1.5-2-hour session £95
Close-up of young woman giving a helpful hand to patient

The process has a flexible, measurable structure in order to ensure that you are achieving and sustaining your desired goals.

PICT can provide lasting change to resolve many issues and remove unwanted behaviors from your life.

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