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My name is Amanda and I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, PICT Practitioner and Counsellor.
I passionately believe in the power of therapy to enable an individual to deal with past hurts, life experiences and current life problems.

By doing this we free ourselves of the emotional clutter that gets in the way of us moving forwards in our life. Therapy, undertaken with
right therapist for you, will enable you to live a physically and mentally healthy life, and be the best version of you, right here and right now.

Before embarking on a career in therapy I was a Police Officer in Nottinghamshire for 30 years. I have experienced many challenges both in my career and in my personal life that have made me the person I am today. I know through personal experience the immense benefits that therapy can bring. I offer you a safe, nurturing, and non-judgmental environment in which we can work together to deal with whatever issues you wish to explore.

Call me now to discuss your needs and to arrange a FREE 40 minute consultation.

I live and work mindfully in the Vale of Belvoir.



Amanda Carter-Blackford

B.A. (Hons), PICT (QC), DipHyp, GHR Regd.
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